MobileWish Version 1.0.1 Released!


MobileWish v.0.1 (SIS file version for Symbian 2nd edition FP1) is now available for download. The Public Beta users can still use their older version with out any hitch, though the new cards won’t be compatible with the Beta version client.

This release includes the SWF (FL 2.0) client and updated User Guide. The desktop version will be available shortly.

The new features include bigger display area for animation, message limit upto 500 characters, battery and signal indicator and some minor bug fixes.


Shortly SWF version as well as desktop versions will be available.

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One thought on “MobileWish Version 1.0.1 Released!

  1. Samir,

    Very good work… I don’t seems my FlashLite 1.1 browser plugin for Nokia N90 is screwed, so I can’t see WapWish..

    But it does look good and interesting…

    All the best for contest..


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