Flash Lite M-Learning community : FlApp

During my recent chats with many developers across India, I found that most of them are currently engaged with Flash Lite contents  and virtually no application development thing. The majority of the developers are involved in creating Wallpapers, screensavers, mini games etc. Though many of them are interested in Flash Lite application and M-Learning development they are not devoting their time because they need more info on the fronts of backend programming like ASP, PHP as well as Instructional Designs which is the back bone of any e-learning & M-Learning.


So keeping this in mind I have prepared an user group named FlApp in Google. This user group will mainly focus on creating a Flash Lite developers’ community that can contribute to M-Learning domain. At the later stage its discussion will be more focused on Flash Lite Applications as well.

If any body is interested to be a part of this user group please send a mail to samir@samirshomepage.com . I will appreciate any suggestion and feedback for any thing that will be helpful in building this community.

Please note if you are a newbie in Flash Lite or M-Learning , then you are specially invited to join this group to learn and grow with this community spirit.


5 thoughts on “Flash Lite M-Learning community : FlApp

  1. I want to learn flash lite. Can someone help me out for this?
    any learning material Or Training course ?

  2. Hi. I’m also interested on the use of Flash Lite for mLearning purposes. I guess my current thought about this is how do we get content creators/teachers supplying material without having learn the Flash IDE and do “gotoAndPlay programming”… Some other easier way.

  3. Hi I want to use Flash lite for m-learning. I have good knowledge of developing SCORM compliant e-learning courses.

    Can anyone tell me how to develope a m-learning course and how can I track the user data for the m-learning course.

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