Why M-Learning is lagging behind eLearning ?

During my past experiences in M-Learning I found that the most of the
clients are not interested in M-Learning even though it provides
mobility to the learning contents so that the learners are not tied to
a single place, is due to the fact that the amount of the learning
contents required to push a truely effective m-learning content is
still a dream despite the growth of technology like Flash Lite. During
the development of last few years of Flash Lite all we find is a
catalogue of some quick helps, and info applications. But there is
till the date there is no available example of any M-Learning content
that is on a large scale , just like any conventional elearning. Does
this mean that the available instructional designs made for any e-
learing development is a failure in case of mobile learning ?

Do share your ideas and let the exploration begin to find out a clue .

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