M-Learning issues – II

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As far as elearning is concerned we knoiw that the strength behind every successful elearning is not the technology , but rather a solid backbone of Instructional design. As I had discussed, the existing issue with M-Learning is that we can not gurantee ever that

the instructional design that was a success will get you the same out put in the M-Learning. In the similar manner, we can take it granted that the concept of Blended Learning can not be a part of mobile learning case. Suppose I create a module that focuses on the

employee softskill training, can the strucure of the contents be designed in a way that it will support my training ? The answer as I suppose is a NO. Does this mean that M-Learning is not as effective as an elearning ? This is also a solid “No”. In my view, the concept of M-learning is to learn while you are mobile…and that means while you are on the go you don’t have too much

time as you would have when you are in the office, or in home — where you can run a lengthy elearning module. Even if you ever get a huge free time while on the go, then too I am sure that you may never concentrate on ur learning subject if it is a lengthy one.So the effective dose you can digest while on the move, is a focused topic, presented in a magnetic manner (so that you won’t look out side the window of your train !). And if this is true then I think we can now see why many Instructional designs fail on this front of mobility.

For me there is a lot to learn from an actual teacher, before jumping into developing into instructional design…the real teacher is as I believe is no more than an entertainer. He entertains and keeps the minds of the students in the loop. The moment he loses control over this fine thread of balancing the entertainment and learning, the students try to bunk his lectures and go out from the back door. Well, that’s exactly what we need to understand if we are planning to develop M-Learning content. Its because, in case of a content that is in the learner’s hand, there is much more risk — there is no authority over the learner to prevent him from learning and this freedom at the learner’s hand makes him more choosy. Either you entertain him through out your course, or you loose — this can ruin all the investments made over developing the M-Learning course.

I will discuss it more. just be in tune. 


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