Let children play with Flash technology!

During last week I was busy in finding someone who would really be interested in helping me in developing my age old Flash Lite application — an M-Learning experiment on First aid. This was the application, which I was planning to develop during mid part of 2006, during the Nokia 3rd edition challenge…but time never permitted me to complete it more than just a draft of the flow and some unfinished FLA files. The major drawback was  that I did not get enough time to draw the images describing each step. Using 3d would have been a painful task for me to show specially when I am planning to show bandages, water flow etc. So it lagged behind my all other projects and was dumped into my 80 gb external hard disk with other unfinished projects.

 in action Raja and his team

During last week suddenly I met my friend who has become an MBBS last year , who advised me to take this forward and provided me with really useful books and tips on first aid. And yesterday while discussing this with another friend Sanjeeb, (from my PG year from Ravenshaw College), I found that he has child like interests in it and agreed to arrange a team who can perform each and every steps which we can record and manipulate later on for the application. So During the noon, we called Raja, his sister’s son studying in class 10, and asked him whether his friends can help us in this. And when we reach his home with my laptop, and a Nokia 7610 set with some first aid kit, there aere 5 of his friends present, each one excited to get the thing done. I spent an hour in answering their curosity about Flash Lite and other related mobile technology and the interest roused. they bgan to ask questions like how they can easily learn this Flash stuff so they can do it themselves ! Though in schools they have computer classes , these were boring for them …because there were more theories and less practicals. Most of the things they are taught were old languages, and basics of Windows only . So I am wondering whether Adobe can spend something to promote  Flash and Flash Lite in schools , specially in remote areas where children are interested to learn but never get a chance to learn these because lack of awarness of new technology in the teaches who teach them. Even this can be a great help for creating economical e-learning development through Flash !

I am not sure if software and technologies like Adobe would love to do this kind of social service or not …but I think this is worth it to give children in not so rich countries a chance to play with new technologies to explore new ideas. If ever such oppertunity comes to me I will certainly go ahead and contribute to this .

Anyway Raja and his friends performed each steps of the first aid brilliantly and I hope I can now move ahead with the project with out any copyright issues for the images and videos. Soon I will publish the application with the credits to all these young minds.


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  1. I did not mean that we develop m-learning/game in flash lite so the children will play , rather let them learn Flash Lite so they can explore it all by themselves. I think Adobe’s Youth Voice can take steps to promote this in village schools in third world countries.

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