Waiting for ‘Flyer’

Via Flashmobilegroup, Felipe Andrade (i2technologia) has announced the first release of Flyer. Flyer was built to extend Flash Lite features with Python for S60. Flyer is based on the Flash Lite 2.1 integration with Python for S60 and contains the following features:
    – Take photos with device camera from Flash Lite
– Take device screenshots from Flash Lite
– Send files over a bluetooth connection from Flash Lite
– Get the contact entries in the default device database
In future versions (May, 2007) there may be more to come:
  – Sound recording and playback
– File upload to a remote server
– GPS module to display latitude, longitude, satellite count, and time
– Record device screen!

 Great job Felipe ! I am really excited (and simply can’t wait) to experiment with Flyer !