My experience with MS Share Point Server and MS Publisher

Yesterday I was invited the  project party at Swosti Plaza, where in plate was the result of completion of ESSNET, the new intranet portal in microsoft Share Point Server (SPS)2003.  It took me roughly 3 weeks to learn and develop the complete portal, during which the journey was full of exploration of limitations of SPS. The interface provided the flexibility with a considerable high degree of security. But the I was surprised to find that Microsoft has given less importance to features like Form validation ! The same thing at a very curde level I noticed in Publisher (I am using Publisher 2003 to develop a site for a Nurshing staff company) too ! Even the Publisher experience is worse…as I could not add a neme attribute to any FORM tag. And that means I can’t acess the value of any text filed from a Publisher site for my uses (e.g. javascript functions). This is strange all that you can do with Publisher is that you can create a form that will only submit the data to any exter nal program which may be provided by ISP.  Some may argue that Publisher is for a designer and not for a web developer…then I would say that if we do not have the freedom to to get our page layout center aligned in the browser, then Publisher fails the designer too !