H-Image Tool

Well, H-Image is a term I coined to describe the image that is created with HTML tags . H-image simply stands for HTML encoded Image…something similar to html captcha but with a innovativeness and with a different aim.

The public alpha version of the very first H-image tool is ready to be released.

 Here is a brief details of H-image:

 H-Image is image encoded with HTMl codes, i.e. you can represent an image with out the need of any image but just HTML codes. For this I have used sample pixels being represented by a cell of an html table. The color of each cell is represented by pixel color and the total giving the result of the out put image in HTML.

 Benefits / Potentiality of H-image is huge

…just need to know how far you can think. Worried about  of your company’s logo being blocked by email clients? H-Image is your solution. No email client can block your colorful logo /signature created with H-image. That mean’s you can now keep your brand identity intact. You can use H-image even for secure image representation. It is rather difficult to edit an existing H-image, only if you can edit the html codes u can change it (but that means you need to edit each of thousands cells). Thinking of HTML captcha ? now make your capthas look and feel as per your wish and brand colors…design yiour digit/characters in image and convert them to HTML codes for your captcha.


It is heavy in size. That’s why the best use of it can be in logos/ signatures and small images.

It can be exploited by spammers, viral marketeers…as no client blocks this image, the receiver is bound to see the image …

 It is FREE !!!

 In the following I am giving you a sample screenshots of a test I have conducted yesterday:

Browse for the image


Select the image to be converted

himage 2

image loaded now start generate the code


H-image is being generated


Now out put html code is displayed in the text box.


 Just select and copy this portion of the code and paste it in a blank text file and save it as an HTML file . Now click the html file you have saved to open in a browser and you will get the image which is as exact as the original image .

himage 6

 Now this can be used in any html file as a part or full.

I have developed this tool using Adobe Flash, because in Flash if you can think of it you can create it !

  You can get the sample html obtained in this process from the link below:

 himage sample by samir    CLICK HERE  

Just downloadf the sample text file and rename its extension as  .html file to view it.

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