MobileWish story in news : Making a bridge between the technology and the mass

You know what’s todays hot story in news ? Its MobileWish. Since yesterday the media coverage of this ground breaking application has made it possible to spread awareness about what in the mobile technology forefront. You can read about it everywhere — in web you can get it from  from various sites including yahoo india news; in print major papers are carrying he story in eonomic times ; and even in local areas like Orissa here, the storyu is in local news sites like and The success story of MobileWish is the success story of Adobe Flash lite Technology that made it happen. The story in my view ethically represents the idea how Adobe’s cross platform technology can transform the world with the next gen mobile life style.

I seriously believe that unless the technology reaches the mass, it is useless. Even if we conduct User Groups, seminars and the talks, it really does not get into the common man’s life. The real use of FlashLite  technology should be pushed in a manner that it won’t become a luxury…rather will be a part of daily life and that of a common man’s.

MobileWish story has opened up new ways to manipulate the technology for the well being of the mass here in Orissa. I know..I have a long way to go to push my favourite technology to the front to make it available to the mass through its proper and creative utilisation for the next mobi-life style.

Let’s join hand to make it happen.

 P.S. I would sincerely thank to the media persons who understood the importance of the mobilewish and Flash Lite technology and spared some of their precious moments to pen a few words to introduce it to the common mass who really deserve it. …


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    [ Techie creates greeting software

    Bhubaneswar, Aug. 23: What happens when a software professional gets a delayed e-card? He creates a software application to make sure that in the future his greetings get him on time.

    Samir Dash (25) working as a systems consultant for a city IT firm, was in the countryside when a friend sent him an e-card for his birthday. Caught in an area minus Internet facility, Samir wished he could receive his card on the mobile. So he went ahead to conceptualise Mobilewish, a unique software application that can be used to send and receive animated and customised e-greetings on GPRS-enabled mobile phones with Internet connection


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