Want a free mobile news client developed in Flash Lite?

Via my Lab site, MobileWish I have plans to bring up the next initiative for Flash Lite. With in next few days I am going to offer free development support for selected 10  Indian news/content/information providers to make their content reach the common mass via mobile handsets. I will use the lower version of Flash Lite to develop these clients. I have named this initiative ‘Be Mobile’. If any body from India, and wish to push its content , news services in mobile in regional language, then just mail me at samir at mobilewish dot com.

This development support will include the complete development of the client, along with the support to host the server at MobileWish.com.

The condition of this development will be on the following points:

1. The content provider won’t use it for commercial purposes i.e. selling/renting etc. and this should be available to public free of cost. Note this should not contain any ad of any third party other than the client .

2. This will basically contain the major sections as defined by MobileWish. No further enhancements are to be done upon this work unlss such an agreement is done.

 The idea is to let the mass get the edge of coming mobile ecosystem propelled by Flash Lite technology.

For further information you can call me at +919861083975 or just mail me.

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