Odisha Khabar is now online !

Now my first experimental project in Indian regional language (Oriya), is available online ! You can download a copy and send your feedback to me at samirat mobilewish dot com.

The homepage of this project link is :




Here are few details of Odisha Khabar:

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Odisha Khabar is a prototype news client in Oriya language. This is India’s first mobile client that offers news in a regional Indian language. This application is a freeware and the users do not need to pay any fees to get the benefit of this service. Current version is version 1.0.0(Public Beta)

Note that this is only a beta application to demonstrate the capability of Flash Lite enabled application to display local languages in mobile.

At this point of time, of this publication, Odisha Khabar, is a test /prototype application, that demonstrate the capability of regional language content to be published on mobile using Adobe’s technology. So all the news items published in this version v1.0.0 (Public Beta)is for demonstration purpose only. We do not gurantee the authenticity/truth of any news content published. If in future, any third party publishes news via this client, you may be able to get the real time news at a later point of time using the same client. But if that happens, we will announce that explicitly on this website.






Currently the news being published in this news client is for demonstration purpose only. If you run any news hose/ media / news paper / news web site in any local language of India, you can get this tool customized for publishing your news content via mobile FREE of cost.

This is a free mobile client.




Features of ‘Odisha Khabar’


 Via ‘Odisha Khabar’, users can get the latest news and weather related information regarding Orissa (a state in the eastern side of India). The news client provide all the navigational labels as well as the pure informational content in Oriya fonts. This application is a GPRS enabled application, which makes it possible for users to get the latest news about Orissa from any corner of the globe.




There are two sections of this client, one is about today’s news – this highlights upto 10 recent news headlines along with brief details on each of these. The second section is on weather in Orissa. In this section users can get latest weather related updates about 4 major cities across Orissa , namely Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Rourkela and Berhampur. These details about weather includes temperature as well as the normal weather information regarding rain and sun .



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