Completed my AS3 Text Editor component for Flash CS3

Just finished a text editor AS3 component for Flash CS3. Few days back I was in a need for a text editor in  AS3 that I can use in my Flash CS3 projects, so I decided to create my own. Flash CS3 Text Editor (as I call it ) is AS3 based Text Editor component Strip that is handy when there is a plan to add a rich Text Editor to any  Flash AS3 applications. Using this one can apply various text format effects to your HTML text along with additional features like cut, paste, reformatting, fiond, replace and insert new symbols. It also allows to modify the HTML codes directly by switching over the views.

The HTMLs are color coded to separate the content and the HTML tags.
The beautiful feature of this component is that it can be added to any dynamic text field on flash stage.

Flash CS3 Text Editor


26 thoughts on “Completed my AS3 Text Editor component for Flash CS3

  1. I developed it for a project specific need, but it will shortly be available for download too !

    Meanwhile I will post a demo swf file in this blog by tuesday !

  2. Hi

    I need a similar text editor. I am ready to buy it. can you send me details how much I need to pay for it ?


  3. Hey Dude

    This looks really useful, chance of the source being posted? Would be great to see how you have gone about this.

  4. Hi ,

    your AS3 Text Editor seems terrific !
    I’d like to know where did you post the demo ?
    Can I get it or purchase it with the source code ?


  5. Hi, It seems very good effort from you 🙂 What would be the price of this component?

  6. I think the key is to say, “we all need a _Reliable_ AS3.0 text editor”

    Of course it’s Samir’s choice whether to provide download or not, but this text editing and Adobe/Macromedia’s lack of support without a lot of modification of tags has been an issue for a long time.

    People like FlashLoaded try to put a ball and chain to your leg … others provide decent AS2 editors.

    I’ve not seen Samir’s in action, but it would be nice.

    Otherwise “there’s a good chance I might develop a stutter….Pbpbpbpbpbpllllleeeeeeeease Samir !!!” 🙂

  7. Sorry for the delay… I will be back to India in Mid -June. Then I will upload the final version for download for you.


  8. Hey Samir! – I just came across this article, and it’s exactly what I was looking for! – Can’t wait for the source code!


  9. I’m willing to buy the source code. Please send me your component to see how it works, and if it’s fine, I will make you an offer.

  10. Why don’t you just say: “Guys – I won’t upload the source code” instead of teasing them… Take out some balls

  11. hi sameer,
    the textEditor is great. actually i was also workin on a similar editor. it would lessen my burden if u provide the source code.

  12. I see this time and time again. A developer blogs about some code or component they develop…. , but they are too busy to post the code, or the buggy piece of code that was posted was in haste and he / she has just been too busy to clean it up.
    You had time to post the blog. Without the code, there’s no real proof you accomplished anything.
    Sorry to be harsh, but this kind of thing gets real old real fast.

    1. I am sure you have not seen the latest post …the component code you are looking for has been made open source some months ago…so before commenting on the old posts please check the latest ones…that will certainly help a lot.

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