Swf Studio & AS3 ?

There are many questions, about using Flash 9 swfs (AS3) with existing version of SWF Studio. As Northcode is going to release AS3 compatiable Studio (somwhere) in 2008, till then the best way to do is to use a local connection method. I have used it in many projects successfully (still I believe it is not clean !).  To use local connection, create a command list in a Flash 8 swf and connect it via Local connection from an AS3 based SWF . That’s easy and works great .


2 thoughts on “Swf Studio & AS3 ?

  1. 2008? The public beta will be in your hands VERY shortly and if it’s as solid as we think then it will go live right after that. We’re talking a matter of a small number of weeks now, not months…

  2. Its great to hear that it will be released earlier than expected. (I had seen somewhere in some blog about the 2008 date!). However may it be weeks or months…we can survive till that date using AS3 Local Connection — isn’t that a good news too !

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