Why Flash Lite is lagging behind other Mobile Technology : Context Purely Indian !

I feel good when someone sees my Flash Lite application running on a handset, but feel bad when he can’t play on his, just because he does not have a compatiable handset . Feel worse when he has a compatible handset for older version of Flash Lite (1.1), as the player is no more available. Feel worst when he has a version 2 Player compatible phone, yet don’t know where to get it with in seconds ! He is not an iliterate, yet he does not understand the registration process for  getting a version 2 Player ! He does not want to be a developer of the FL games, yet he does not mind to be one just to get a free player. But he understands super mario or the sudoko, and just wants to play them on his mobile. When a J2Me game runs on his handset, he is sure that he won’t need to be into hassels for a player, and is satisfied with it. Did I mention he is an average Indian game addict ?

 Yester day I met someone who has the money to invest in tech areas…he has some pre assumptions that Flash Lite sells well . Well he asks to build a game that will play on every phone. You say Just Nokia … he say No! he argues…you defend. Then he agrees. He says all Nokia sets. You say No! After all people need FL 1 Player on their handset to play that and it is no more available.  He is fraustrated and agrees to give u a project for a game  to be developed in “Flash Lite 3”, in near future, when 90% of game addicts would have changed their FL phones (with out players) with the sets with the players . And till then ? Did I mentioned he will release a J2Me game tomorrow ? 


4 thoughts on “Why Flash Lite is lagging behind other Mobile Technology : Context Purely Indian !

  1. True. I have downloaded many Flash lite games , but i don’t have a Flah player for my 6600 set. I am not ready to buy a new handset because i want to play flash lite games !

  2. Good point for flash lite ! hey samuir, can we chat over gmail on a flash lite project ?i will mail u my id.

  3. Hi Samir,
    You are correct in one sense. But think about the time when j2me or new technologies come. They dont be instant to be in all phones and it takes always time.
    Offcourse investing in these new ventures any business man need to profit and he is right !! But look in to the way Flash lite is now making available to phones so i think we have to wait for a little time.


  4. Yes Vivek I agree that Flash Lite takes little development time when it comes to animation, but when it comes to application building or game, J2ME seems equal . In some points it lacks and in other it exceeds. It may take more effort to develop, but it can access camera, bluetooth etc. gaming experience in java is not bad even in older versions of handsets. I am not saying Flash Lite is bad, or not upto what it is projected (cause I my self a developer who prefers it at the first hand) but my point is about ground realities why it has not succeeded in indian context.

    J2me can run on older versions , Flash 1.1 runs on older versions (at least some)…but point is to run a flash lite 1.1 in a handset that is not capable of FL2 player, has an issue, as no more FL1.1 player is available. Whether we accept this or not, it is in our feeling when our client turns to J2Me just because of that!

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