Flash Lite Game and Application crash-course in Bhubaneswar

Enterprise System Solutions , has decided to include a short course on Flash Lite Game and Application development in its professional course that has been planned to be provided by Learnext Global (Joint Venture of ESSPL, Kalingasoft and T-cube solutions).

This course will rougly be around 40 – 60 hours long (yet to be planned). This will be provided along with other courses such as Java, .Net and Quality -Management trainings.

 The decesion to include Flash Lite as a subject, came after reviewing the new possibilities and oppertunities that this technology has created in the field of web2mobile development as well as the growing need for it in the mobile content market.

300 million Flash enabled devices shipped. 300 Flash enabled device models as of 06/30/07. View devices >

For a long period of time, Enterprise System solutions has been offering Flash Lite related solutions to its clients across central Europe and American clients, and has successfully offered it as a value addition to its existing services including server based solutions and reengineering  areas. And  when we have also experimented in Indian localised content through Flash Lite, it seems a good time to introduce it to the next-gen professionals who will see it as a potential technology that can bridge the gap between the low end handsets and the high end server based applications.

To know more about the Flash Lite  training inititative by ESSPL, you can write to me at samirk(at)esspl(dot)com.


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  1. Email me when you have more details about this course.
    I am eager to learn more about gaming with Flashlite…
    God Bless,
    Titus Blair

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