Wikipedia Mobile : Search wikipedia using Flash Lite application from your mobile

“Wikipedia Mobile” is a alpha version of my Flash Lite application that helps users to search for any term that has a page assigned at

For this I was looking for any specific API that will help me to sort different portions of any page with the result for any specific term/phrase, but as no such api was available, i decided to do some experiment in creating an API of my own.

I used ASP to build two pages API which crawl the pages of wipedia and track down if info for any specific term exists. The first page finds if any page at wikipedia exists for the search term or not. If it exists then the second page crawls the page found to track down specific information needed.

“Wikipedia Mobile” uses this API to list and display information for any specific term.

Here in first screen the user types a term to search


Then the related page is searched for.


The list of points related to the search term is displayed if available.


on selecting any specific point from the list, the related information is tracked from the page.


if the information is available, it is displayed in the text field.


This is a demo application showing the possibility how we can create Flash Lite enabed application from any custom API for any third party web application.

“Wikipedia Mobile” and the API for this are in “alpha” stage with some bugs and loop holes. If I get some free time time, I will fix them and will upload the production version soon. Meanwhile, you can try the alpha version from here:


16 thoughts on “Wikipedia Mobile : Search wikipedia using Flash Lite application from your mobile

  1. Looks really nice! I will give it a try for sure! Did you look at the Wikipedia plugin that comes with Apple MacOSX 10.5/Leopard?

  2. Hi Weyert

    Thanks for the feedback. This is the first time I have heard about the plugin you have suggested. I will check it out today. Thanks again for the information.

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  4. I am not sure if it’s the Wikipedia widget in Dashboard or the Wikipedia dictionary thingy in

  5. Hello there,
    i work in Saudi Arabia. i work in providing all kind of content to the Mobile operatores in the kingdome. i was just wondering if you explain to me a little more regarding the Mobile wikipedia concept?

    Moutaz Bustami

  6. Hi Moutaz,

    Nice have your feedback on mobile wikipedia.

    Mobuile wikipedia is one of experiments to collect data from a site whose API is not publicly opened. In this sample experiment I chose wikipedia for such purpose. So in this, I use a backend ASP script that on getting a term crawls the target site ( and gathers information. After this it creates a string of values and sends it back to the Flash Lite application.

    The current application is an alpha version. Due to my busy schedule I have not yet worked on it further to make it sufficiently usable. If you need to discuss more on it please feel free to call me on my cell +919938114917



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