Playyoo not supported in Nokia 7610 ?

I tried to access Sneak preview on my old Nokia 7610 which has already Flash Lite 2 and 2.1 installed. But the resulting page showed me “Sorry, your handset is not compatiable with Playyoo”

 That’s strange !

In most of the cases I have noticed that 7610 has been ranked in Flash Lite compatiable handsets lists very poorly. In some places it is missing in the list. Somewhere it is in the list, but with thelabel for Flash Lite 1.1 only ! I want to clear here that I have been using Nokia 7610 with Flash Lite support 2.1 with out any problem.  So if any body has not updated his list, may be its time to verify it again!


4 thoughts on “Playyoo not supported in Nokia 7610 ?

  1. Hi Thomas

    Thanks a lot for the response. I will be looking forward to hear from you on how I can view Playyoo on my handset .

    with regards

  2. Hi Samir,

    You are absolutely correct, the Nokia 7610 is Flash Lite compatible.

    Currently Playyoo detects only those devices which have Flash Lite pre-installed. We recognise some customers may have devices supporting Flash Lite that did not have FL pre-installed. On the ‘your device is not compatible’ page we provide a link to the Playyoo site for these customers.

    We will change the text on this page to better reflect the situation.



  3. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the refernce. Its a good feeling that I can now view playyoo following the link on the page you mentioned.


    with regards

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