My first Flash Lite game for Playyoo contest

hit golf

I have created a little game in Flash Lite 2 for Playyoo, which I will be uploading to Playyoo in a day or two. Its a simple game where the player need s to hit a ball to put it in the golf hole. Each time diiferent slope will make it difficult to get a successful hit (I my self never crossed a score beyond 3!).

Here is some screenshots of the game.  I will post here when I will upload it to Playyoo so that you can play it online at Playyoo Sneak Preview .

If you have any feed back/suggestion, get in touch with me.


4 thoughts on “My first Flash Lite game for Playyoo contest

  1. Hi Samir,

    unfortunately your game will only be available from official launch onwards. The preview is pretty different from what we will provide with the launch. Playyoo will have lots of social and personal feature that make it easy to fins games and interact with your friends online and on the go.

    Expect the launch somewhere around Mid-December.

    Cheers Thomas

  2. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the info.
    I will wait for mid-December with some more games with better entertainment for Playyoo users.


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