Another Flash based e-Learning with TrueSim and GuidedTask

In my office we recently delivered one of our client “one of the best eLearning available today” using Flash technology. It was nearly 5 months of development that at last materialized to one of the best exemple in CBT cum WBT with all the features needed to better the learner experience. It had implemented my instructional model TrueSim (ver 2.0) along with the second generation VirtualGuide in action in my GuidedTask approach of simulated software training. This is one of my best projects where I explored my creativity to the most …I always wanted to to build an e-learning that will exceed my client’s expectations. And today looking at their feedback, I am happy to say that today I have acheived that!

This time I implemented the SCORM 1.2 tracking feature in an elearning which also can track and store user performance including individual lesson status (in double level hirarchy) along with the bookmarking features. It also allows the user to attend the test at the end of the course with certificate printing feature and saving as a file (with encryption to protect from learner frauds !) — and this was there both in offline as well as web version.

This is one of my best elearning application which I designed keeping in view of different learning needs. One can just refer or can get an elaborated training of around 45 minutes plus hands on simulated guided task to check how much one has understood. The client’s feed back is ‘supreb’ …just like each time when we deliver the innovative solutions for their elearning needs using Flash technology — my favourite one.

You can see some screenshots of the application. To protect our client’s identity I have blurred out some portions of the screenshots.





ev6red.jpg ev8.gif

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