My Experience with Device Anywhere Mobile Complete

I recently tested few of my applications with Device Anywhere  using a trial account. And here is what I feel :  

 1.    Its good that using Device Anywhere interface now we can test our Flash Lite contents on any device of our choice, yet the need is there to make sure that all the available devices have the Flash Lite Player (the latest as per their compatibility) installed on them. In devices like N95, I could not found Flash Lite 3 Player, where as it is a good point to start.

2.    There was some login problem while trying to sign in to My Application  using device browsers in some handsets (specially N73, N95). I am not sure why this happened. I have issued a report through the device anywhere account, hope they will fix it soon. Device anywhere should make sure that such things don’t happen, as such issue can prolong the testing time and impact in development timelines…effecting the commitment from any development firm to meet deadlines. I would suggest each handsets be tested for this before making them online.

3.    Its good that using device browser we can download our applications from any other server /URL other than device anywhere.

4.    Some handsets have their SIM card invalid or so due to which some of such handsets are not functioning well. These handsets should be fixed immediately. May be each time one releases a devices, its integrity can be tested by some means to see if its ok.

5.    Device anywhere java interface downloads the IDE every time I tried to launch it. Each time it took around 4-5 minutes to download. I think this download should be one time. Each time the device is launched it should open immediately with out downloading it again. May be assets should download if needed, but not the whole application. It wastes time as well as bandwidth.  More over once a device anywhere Java app  is closed and tried to log in again, it did not open up every time. Some time it showed error with messages like

 CouldNotLoadArgumentException[ Could not load file/URL specified: C:\Documents and Settings\samirk.ESSBBSR\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\61\616b24bd-78c39145]      at com.sun.javaws.Main.launchApp(Unknown Source)      at com.sun.javaws.Main.continueInSecureThread(Unknown Source)      at com.sun.javaws.Main$ Source)      at Source)

I am not sure if this is specific to my system or so…but if this is the case with others then the Java app is not reliable at this point.  

6.    This is not an issue I think: An offline installers can be provided for users. Which will be more convenient.

7.    If at any point of time I wanted to rotate the device…could I be able to do that…Till this point of time I am not sure if there is such a feature in device anywhere. Anyway..if it is not there then it should be implemented…as this is one of very useful features developers would need.   

8. As far as Flash lite is concerned, I found no problem in testing them..could more comfortably test FL contents on these handsets ..just as I used Flash IDE’s Preview or even Adobe’s Device Central. May be Device Central can allow such features like Device anywhere to be more feature rich . This way Device Central can be one stop solution for every Flash Lite developer.

device anywhere launching





Disclaimer: You may not agree to my personal views mentioned above…as opinions may differ .


5 thoughts on “My Experience with Device Anywhere Mobile Complete

  1. Recently received response from Darren(Customer Support) to my reported issues for the above mentioned issues (no. 2 and 4) with a positive note that these issues have been fixed. I really appreciate the promptness and fast solution delivery of the Mobile Complete team 🙂

    The login issue (mentioned in no.2) is now solved as they have “removed the cookie requirement for login. The device should now work regardless of whether cookies are enabled or disabled on the
    device. “. The no 4 issue should be no more there as they have “have plans to install a signal booster for the O2 DE package as soon as we can, and will not start charging for the package until this is done. We understand that the devices are fairly useless unless they can be tested with network connectivity, and […] Currently the ETA for installing this antenna is around 1 month.”

    Looking at this I am hopeful that Mobile Complete will certainly be one of the best options for mobile developers to test there mobile apps in coming times !

  2. There is an interesting talk called “Global Mobile” at Stanford Univ. on Oct 21st, where Device Anywhere’s CEO and founder is presenting. This may be a good venue for some of you to ask him some questions and learn about the technology. Goto for more details.

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