Burning Bride

Everything is not  good
for what you think it is
but for some looks on a distance face
that peers
through the unmindful day
to brought home
pieces of some familiar snaps
of the flowers that bloom
asking a thousand questions
each recomposing the other.
In the veil of the red Saree
“whose is that face?”
where dance
the light on the brunt out parts
on the leftovers of the evil flames,
“Let her burn, for she is no good”
you mutter with the murderous heart
that tempts the failure song
— a gone away wish
in a desert land, over the stones of gold.
You see the gold, not its fire
you see the devil, not the evil
“why so?”

Each time the day breaks
you bring home a cloud
argue in thousand words
these are the key to dreams
more solid.
On the dry rocks, on the grave
I sit and ponder
in my weighing skull
“Why we never think
what the gold brings
is a share of good earth
is but a grave
where we need to fight a solitude
and need a caring wish
left behind by an angel.

 ” Dowry is still a 21st century ghost that  lingers in our society. And what we have forgotten today, is the fact that, it is love and closeness that makes the marriage a success, not just heaps of gold. And the poem attempts to tempt you to pause and rethink over this issue”

— Samir


 “Buring Bride” (c) Samir K. Dash: 2004,

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  1. Samir,

    It’s so true and it’s shame even educated people openly involve in dowry-system (taking or giving)….


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