It is hard to find another Socrates in today’s troubling times!

Last evenining I went to Capital Book fair “Rajdhani Book Exhibition 2007” and happended to find in one book camp a autograph of Ms. Taslima Nasreen with the words “I will never be silenced !”.  It was an interesting piece of words she had written  dated few months back 4.3.2007. I wonder what she would have been written if given a chance to write it now ? Looking at the last few weeks happenings in the news where many believed that “… the developments of the last few weeks have shaken her so much that she has chosen to put the controversy at rest by removing the contentious lines.” from her book ”Dwikhondito”…I think its a hrd time for writers to continue to have a freedom of expression. Even if “Central Government security agencies, said she had not “succumbed to any pressure.” She had decided on the move for “the sake of peace.”, I still think its hard to find another Socrates continue to hold his/her beliefs in the troubling times!

taslima’s word “I will never be silenced !”