Sense Betrays, Images Don’t

sense betrys images don’t — samir

Sense betrays…

Images  don’t.

Moving over the bridge

slowly… silently

two images sit at the far corners of the sand

hands in hand, lip on lip

like two shadows

each in other’s arms

Moving over the bridge I see,

slowly… silently.

full moon riding over the misty sky

smiling slightly with the teethless lips

Ages have gone by,

And history is repeated

“What you see tonight

was the dream of those two

ages before you were born, this city was born.”

Deads never tell the tales, but

your sense does!

Moving over the bridge, slowly… silently.

I think, that is true, ’cause

if sense doesn’t cheat

perhaps images would.

”  This is written in an attempt to explore the link between an image and reality in the context of love and the human relationships that strictly come under its category. The impression of mind of the  pair of lovers below the bridge on the sand are in fact the aspirations and cravings for care and love , in archetypal dimension…”

— Samir


 “Sense Betrays, Images Don’t” (c) Samir K. Dash: January 31st , 2004,

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