Nokia’s s60 Web Runtime: Easy delivery method for Flash Lite !

For developers, delivery of easy installable Flash Lite content or application for handsets has been a problem till the date as unlike any other application, Flash Lite is typically played using the Flash Player browser on the handsets. This method does not entitle the flash lite application to have its unique icon on the handset’s menu area. To solve this when you deliver in SIS, the method is not suitable for rapid development, as signing is required and the process takes a long time.

Now to solve all these Nokia has announced a new widget platform – s60 Web Runtime, that allows you to create a widget using some HTML, CSS, Javascript and your flash lite content with any PNG icon.

The solution focuses on packaging the Flash lite content as a WGZ file. A wgz is a typical ZIP archive with a  renamed file extension where .zip has been renamed to .wgz. You can rename a wgz fileextension to .zip and open it any zip opener. To read details on how you can package your application using this solution refer to