Flash Lite2: Enter text directly to your input field without using the phone’s input interface

Here is a sample MXP component I created last evening that helps user to enter text to input textfields of a Flash Lite 2 file without the help of the user to enter his texts via phone’s default input interface. The target I was trying to acheive is that the user need not press enter button and then provide his text via the handset’s popup input interface in a Flash Lite 2 interface, rather the user should be able to move to the text field and insert his text as if filling up the text fields in an HTML thing. Well the out come of the experiment was something satisfactory , even when I was stuck at the absence of any method to track the “cancel” key’s event on the handset(Note: Cancel button plays a vital role while enetring text– it provides a means to delete the characters in the text fields). To solve this I added an additional ‘Delete’ flag to the key having the “#” symbol where you usually find the flags the capitalisation and related character formatting.

This sample component can be fine tuned and refined to meet the production needs to specific needs. Here you can see some screenshots:



To download the component use the following link: