The Story of a Mask – I


When you feel
the otherside’s fear
in deep core of your heart
you know
you are afraid of the other.

but moments ago
things were not the same
you planned to open yourself
to open your heart
to spill
what you feel about the other
who rests at the far corners of your heart,
and you feel afraid.

Life is like that my friend
you never know
what you longed to hear
are present in the other’s heart?
Life is a mirage
where you run after one
to find another
waiting for you
to seduce you to run after
you know all this
but you can’yt resist —
so sweet, the temptation…
so sweet the pain!


The Story of a Mask – I (c) 20 March 2004, Samir K. Dash

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