The Story of a Mask – II


The evening breeze
shaking your hairs
while you sleep
among the pink walls of your dreams
calling me from the distant land
to play with you .. to be with you
to be a child like you again.

I try a lot
to own your innocence
that makes what you are —
an innocent angel,
to end up in an end
I realise — “I failed”.

You know the reason
there is the mask
behind which we talk
each words passed waith care
we are so careful!
Not to break the other’s dream
not even contribute to it
just be as we are
inert like a stone piece
be content with what we are — alone.

still I try to braek the wall
to reach out to you to tell you
what troubles my dreams
and my restless moments !


The Story of a Mask – II (c) 20 March 2004, Samir K. Dash

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