I Used Playyoo’s Game Creator to Create My 8th Game.

Today for the first time I tried the Gme Creator at Playyoo to see how easy it is, and created my 8th game. It took me around 2 minutes to create and publish the game using this simple online IDE ! Though the game I created was very simple one (using the snake template)…I found that this can be an interesting way to motivate game players to be turned into game developers. Really nice job done by the Playyoo team to promote the mobile games ecosystem using Flash Lite.

playyoo gc

snake apple


4 thoughts on “I Used Playyoo’s Game Creator to Create My 8th Game.

  1. Thanks for the kind words Samir. We (me and the gang at Playyoo) indeed wanted to give casual game players a taste of mobile game creation with the GC. Who knows, they might be encouraged to move on to more complex stuff afterwards. That would be the ultimate compliment. Thanks again for giving our stuff a shot!

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