Adding Another Dimension to Online Advertisement Using Video

Few days back I happened to bunk upon the site which I found to be one of the interesting sites I had visited. Later while discussing on certain topics with Rajiv, from Adhysteria, I realised that the guys are infact breaking new grounds with their new innovative ideas. As per Rajiv — ”  was born because we saw a need for a place where the community could come together and help one another out. A site which would enable everyone to find their basic day to day requirements in an efficient and simple manner. Community members can come here to find a house to live, a job, make new friends who share their interests, get an audience for their upcoming performance, trade anything else that they might want or have to offer or help out someone in need. ”

Want to give away something for free, want something, want to engage in a barter, want to post you video resumes and video portfolios, want to post videos of your products and services and want to give away your luxury goods , then is a site that can help you.

The site features include Video Classifieds and Google maps. Users can post video footage of their classifieds and ads along with images and audio, users can view the location of the classifieds ads on Maps in 2d and 3d with technology via Google Earth.

 As audio and video technology becomes increasingly economical, portable, and embedded in everyday electronics such as cell phones, the ability for people to use an assortment of media formats to sell their product has never been easier.
With a few clicks of a mouse, customers can upload their own video commercials, recorded on their camcorders, webcams, digital cameras or camera phones. Ads are organized by category and location, and users can enter text descriptions, prices, thumbnail photos and tags along with their video clips.
Now, along with thorough product descriptions and up to 3 pictures, users can show off their product even further. The audio/video feature allows all registered members to upload clips of audio and/or video from their computer, which can then be streamed online by other users who are interested in viewing an item or contacting a seller. The goal is to provide the seller an opportunity to give a rich verbal and/or 360° description of their product, showing it from every angle, showcasing the product in use – telling that special story behind the item and helping to make it stand out amongst the rest

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  2. I am happy to know that people like you are available on this planet to help/find a hope to survive.

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