Playyoo Needs a Community Manager.

Playyoo is looking for a community manager — “looking for a person, a mobile gamer at best, who brims over with enthusiasm for managing our online ecosystem of game players and game creators”. The responsibilities includes

  • Day-to-day communications across all Playyoo channels (platform, IM, IRC, Forum, blog etc.)
  • Engaging and communicating with the Playyoo community within the platform, the forum and on Playyoo Blog to communicate news, help solve problems and help ensure that every member has the experience they want
  • Stimulating, seeding interactions on the Playyoo platform and on external platforms (like Facebook …)
  • Developing and hosting programs and opportunities for Playyoo like tournaments, contests
  • Navigate the occasional troubled waters (i.e. abuse mitigation)
  • Monitoring the community and providing input and recommendations to Marketing and Development