Flash Lite Games at Playyoo : My Preferences


Pick Up the Fish   
“With your harpoon try to catch many fish as possible. Be careful to the turtle, you will break the harpoon and you have a limited number of harpoons”.
There is some issue regarding exit in the game, as I could not find exit mechanism in the game, yet  it is a very addictive game.

Try this at Playyoo at the following link: http://www.playyoo.com/game.html?id=kkel



“Addictive puzzle game with unique idea. Move and rotate white base with collected tiles. Collect four tiles together like base tile to get points – qTile will be removed. Look more info http://ptm.fi

I enjoyed this game as it has some unique concepts employed in the game. You need to keep your brain in synch with your eyes and hands in order to make a good score in this game. While playing, each time a new block come near the base blocks, your brain runs faster and faster to plan where to add this bloc…or is it wise to miss this and lose 5 point ?
Try this at Playyoo at the following link:


Orang Bunian
“Collect the plates and put them on the rock (right side). You can only hold 5 plates at one time”

A very beautiful game with a good looking characters. While running for plates, you always feel this time I am going to catch one, but then suddenly you are hit by a stone ! Worth playing!

Try this at Playyoo at the following link:


Pop and Corn
“The aim of the game is to get all the popcorn. The enemy will try to get the popcorn before you, you have only 100 seconds to use in order to get as much as possible popcorn”

Very simple yet good looking and enjoyable.

Try this at Playyoo at the following link:


Penalty Shootout
Here you need to give good shots to the foot ball to make a goal. Good game for easy time pass. I discovered that if you hit the ball when the arrow points at the center of the ball, you will always make a goal. Now you know this secret,go make a goal !


Note: While making this list I am not considering my own games for the Playyoo contests. How ever you can try my games too to see if they are of your taste or not and share your feedbacks with me.


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