Happy Birth Day ESSPL !

Today, Enterprise System Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ESSPL)  is celebrating its 10th Birthday!


ESSPL was founded in 1998, by industry experts with wide international exposure. It first started operation in Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) at Bhubaneswar. Since then, it has been a pioneer for all the SME companies in this region. It still leads the SME category in terms of growth and revenue. Currently, it has over 1000 person-years of experience and is continuing to grow rapidly.

In his mail Kishore Anand , Vice President writes “… It is a great pleasure to share 10th Birthday of ESSPL with all of you. We are very happy to stand at this juncture together and look forward towards an exciting future. Our industry is going through a constant change and we are also evolving in to a smarter organization everyday. You all have contributed a lot for its success and we look forward to you to take it to next height. Thanks a lot for making ESSPL proud…


7 thoughts on “Happy Birth Day ESSPL !

  1. I am working as a software Engineer at Nagpur with GlobalLogic. I want to congratute Esspl for its 10th Anniversary. I want to know how many employees are currently working in this company.

  2. Hi a very good friend of mine is currently working in esspl, kolkata office. Thats why was interested about the company. Hope it continues celebrating its b’day with much grandeur in the coming years.

  3. Samir ,

    Its really nice to see those statements… Its quite good. I hope you remember me. I worked at esspl in 2005-06. It’s really very nice to remember always. One of the best moment @esspl divali. I worked under buma, jayanto, and krish. I never forget these three EEE ( all are excellent). I learnt so many things from these three people. I forget to mention one more name ( QA manager) i only remember some mohanty. I remember sirparna, debashish, doc ji. Mr cool is Jayanto always cool..

    I hope people people can recognize me.. hehehe


  4. Hi Samir/Aswini,

    I am venkat worked for Trintech along with Krish, Amritava, sanjeet Dip and Ranjit. It gives me a great pleasure to me that ESSPL now celerating its 10th Birthday. I am remembering each and every movement I spend with you all. Once again Congratulations to ESSPL.

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