Meeting with Rabindra K. Swain

Yesterday, as per my previous appointment I visited Gopabandhu Academy of Administration to meet Rabindra K. Swain, one of notable English poets from Orissa, and Managing Editor of  Literary journal Chandrabhaga. At the first sight  I was impressed by his  pleasant smile. We discussed on various topics related to Jayanta Mahapatra and his works and what can be done to create an iconic cyber presence of the poet and his work. Rabindra expressed his unhappiness on the lack of enthusiasm in efforts by various literary organisations of the state, to promote cultural and literary talents of the state. So a decision is made…we can not wait for any third party to come up and extend a hand to promote India’s living legend poet Jayanta Mahapatra — rather its us who can contribute to take the next step to bring a synergy betweeen information technology and literary minds. We must act as “catalyst” to bring Jayanta’s works to an international audience in via hypermedia.

When I returned, Rabindra gifted me some recent works of Jayanta and his own. Among them was Jayanta’s most recent work “Random Descent”, Rabindra’s “Susurrus in the Skull” along with a copy of last issue of Chandrabhaga journal.

I will be planning for a website where we will showcase most adored works of Jayanta along with his Video interviews, biography, beliefs& views and online gallery of the poet. I am thinking of using Flash and FLV to create this site which will be a source of insipiration for generations to come.



5 thoughts on “Meeting with Rabindra K. Swain

  1. Hi Samir,
    Its a nice initiative u r makin’.I’ve read some of Mahapatra’s poems…he’s India’s best, will be great to see his site live on net.


  2. Is he the sahitya acacdemi award winner poet? I have read his “relationship”. I place him next to eliot.

  3. Read all the poems of the revered poet published till now.A great poet and great are the poems-immaculate ones.Poems born out of introversions at the beginning and extroversion later reach to all.Bewitching.” I hurt none” and “May I help someone down there please”and his incompetence to help the sufferers make his poems beautiful.

  4. he is one of the those poets whose poems u wud want to read again and again..his poems have the beauty to move ur heart…while post colonial times have seen quite a few stud poets like keki daruwalla, dilip chitre n all…i wud place him in the league of jorge luis borges and neruda…hats off to this legend…

  5. Hi Samir:
    Your are right: We always want somebody to do things which we can. Good you realised the truth at last that the person who thinks first should act first. Do you know that many professors of English at the topmost universities of India think Jayanta an exhausted poet. It is because they read a little. A website will help these scholars realise the boundary of their ignorance. All the best

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