www.jayantamahapatra.com will be the Official Homepage of the Poet

The domain name www.jayantamahapatra.com has been booked for the purpose of the official homepage of the poet Jayanta Mahapatra. The site will contain the biography, video interviews, his poems collections and the online literary center where you can download some of his works.

“Chandrabhaga”, the literary journal founded by Jayanta will also be fetured on this site.

For information:
Jayanta Mahapatra is one of the best known Indian English poets. He also writes in Oriya. Mahapatra was born in 1928 in Cuttack, the city where he spent most of his lifetime.

Besides being one of the most popular Indian poets of his generation, Mahapatra was also part of the trio of poets who laid the foundations of Indian English Poetry. He shared a special bond with A. K. Ramanujan, one the finest poets in the IEP tradition. Mahapatra is also different in not being a product of the Bombay school of poets. Over time, he has managed to carve a quiet, tranquail poetic voice of his own–distinctly different from those of his contemporaries. His wordy lyricism combined with authentic Indian themes put him in a league of his own.

In a way, Jayanta Mahapatra is not just an Indian English Poet. He is a school of poetry that has inspired many younger generation poets.

Read about Jayanta Mahapatra at Wikipedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jayanta_mahapatra 




5 thoughts on “www.jayantamahapatra.com will be the Official Homepage of the Poet

  1. Hello Sir,

    I am a fan of Jayant mahaptra. I want to study Jayant Sir’s poems. I am really interested in 1980’s collection particulary relationship.

    Would you please guide me from where can I get those poem’s collection of 1980’s.

    I tried to search out that collection on net but I couldn’t succeed.

    Sir, If possible than give me the site names/book name from where I can get 1980’s collection(relationship).

    I am really really thankful to you.

    Yours Truly,

    Chetan Sheth


  2. Jayanta Mahapatra(1928-) needs no introduction. Perhaps any discussion on Indian English Poetry is incomplete without reference to his poetical works. Physicist, bilingual poet and essayist, Jayanta Mahapatra holds the distinction of being the first Indian English poet to have received the Sahitya Akademi Award (1981) for Relationship.He started writing poetry at the age of thirty-eight, quite late in normal standard. And immediately his poetry received accolades from knowledgeable quarters. Rooted in mythical-historical past of Orissa, and yet not unaware of the sociological changes in the contemporary society, he beautifully recreates in the mode of his poetic expression the landscape and people around him. In his poetry, Mahapatra sings of the hearts and minds of many things of nature, on the basis of his sincere love for all creation. Poverty, deprivation, social injustice, the plight of the Indian woman and prostitution recur in his verses. He says, “All these things happen around me.” He cannot ignore them and write about the ‘better things’ of life—-about the lives of the upper classes. His belief in poetry as a social reality sets him off from other contemporary poets writing in English. At present, he is the author of seventeen volumes of verse (in English). His poetry is the “redolent of the Orissa scene….”He has often called himself “an Oriya poet writing in English.” The epitome of simplicity and sincerity, Jayanta Mahapatra has been invited to Oriya seminars and gatherings. He has been engaged in translations from Oriya too. He has translated the works of fellow poets Soubhagya Mishra and Shakti Chattopadhyay.He has become “bilingual” these days. His Oriya works include …

  3. “Door of Paper” is a must read book of essays by Jayanta Mahapatra.It is as important as the Letters of Keats and Lawrence.
    Dr Jaydeep Sarangi

  4. donno wat to say…his poetry just leaves u speechless…he jus expresses those nameless, u ndeciperable wishes so lucidly…..dis site has been longoverdue….

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