DOWNLOAD my game “Match the Blocks” at Playyoo and get the SOURCE FILE FREE !!!

DOWNLOAD my game “Match the Blocks” at Playyoo and get the SOURCE FILE  FREE !!!

I will give source of “Match the Blocks” to EVERYONE who play, download and leave score to Match the Blocks ‘s highscore list before this contest is over (request it via email).

I would really appreciate any feedback what you can give, I will keep those in mind when I am going to program new version of “Match the Blocks”.

Happy playing!

Match the Blocks 

To play this game visit



7 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD my game “Match the Blocks” at Playyoo and get the SOURCE FILE FREE !!!

  1. hi Samir,

    do you have any idea where i can get a Flash Lite 3 for 7610?

    i’m currently developing a mobile learning software for my degree but, i’m out of budget to buy new phone.

  2. Hi Locos,
    Sorry the FL3 is not compatible with s60 phones. You need a N95 to test your FL3 content to test on handset. However you can test your FL3 content in Device Central emulator in Adobe CS3 package.

    On second thought you can try Nokia’s RDA (remote device access) to test your contents on real handsets . See forum nokia website for details.


  3. samir could you please post some tutorial how a flash lite 2.1 file play some 3gp video.. i need to know how but i dont understand the adobe guy tech

  4. Sure Locos. PLease allow me a 3- 4 days and I will try to post a simple tutorial on how to use 3gp video file in flash lite 2x.


  5. Samir you are great, i see you post a lot of article and you do a great job. also thanks for replying my question, i just a new beginner and need to learn more bout mobile.

    Act, I’ve decided that i will use Flash Lite 2.1 and I’ve installed it on my 7610. I also tested it and running without any prob.

    So, i will use Flash Lite 2.1 for my mobile learning project. Do u know the limit of SWF file can be run in 7610 ?

    if my SWF file larger that 1 MB the phone crash or not ?

    How about i seperate the SWF into 1 or 2 part also the resource file like text, audio and video i not embedded in SWF but just only import it … does the SWF will do well with this method ?

    Do you know how to create short cut to my SWF file so people can just click on shortcut that browse the Flash Lite. I also explore Janus Symbian but i’m not understand how to use it especially the part of UID and import symbian SDK.

    I tried use penrilian packager but it install to my video folder and not create the icon.


  6. ====================== ==============

    Thank you all who have played my games in Playyoo.

    Those who have played “Match the Blocks”, please send me your email ids at samir[at]mobilewish[dot]com so that I will send you the source FLA file. Please also include your score board link at Playyoo.

    with best regards


    ============================== ======

  7. I’ve tried it once .. heheheh

    also about the swf play 3GP i made it after try and error.. but the 2.1 FLite only support play, pause, stop, exit video.

    btw thanks

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