“Creating bi-directional text in Flash Lite”: My Article at Adobe Mobile and Devices Developer Center

“This article provides an overview of the process for localizing Flash Lite applications. As mobile device usage continues to grow exponentially on a global scale, more Flash Lite developers are realizing the need to localize their mobile content into various languages. I’ll describe some common issues that you might encounter when translating mobile content, as well as describe some special case scenarios, such as working with bi-directional text in Flash Lite. I’ll also cover some tips and tricks for making the localization process more efficient and describe how to separate your mobile content from the presentation layer to prepare it for localization…”

Article on Creating bi-directional text in Flash Lite at Adobe DevNet

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  1. URL: http://www.flashdevices.net/2008/06/new-article-creating-bi-directional.html

    [ “New Article: Creating Bi-directional Text in Flash Lite”

    Those of you who are interested in supporting localized text in your Flash Lite applications now have a new resource to help provide guidance and best practices. Today we’ve published a Flash Lite article about “Creating Bi-directional Text in Flash Lite” (including sample files) and it’s definitely one topic that we’ve heard requests from developers about….]

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