Customising the look and feel (Skinning) of ‘AS3 TextEditor Lite’ component (for Flash CS3)

The default look and feel of the ‘AS3 TextEditor Lite’  component inherits from the Flash’s V3 component skins, hence, the look and feel of the component (skinning) is as easy as you changing the skin of any standard V3 component.


Sample steps can be as follows:

step 1:

Drag the  ‘AS3 TextEditor Lite’ component from the component panel to your library.

step 2:

Drag the following components to your library: Button, Combo box, Input textfield component, Numeric stepper, color picker component and scrollbar component.


step 3: Now edit each of the stand components to change their skin movie clips .

step Now save the file and publish. Now you will see the modified look of the ‘AS3 TextEditor Lite’  component on your stage.


3 thoughts on “Customising the look and feel (Skinning) of ‘AS3 TextEditor Lite’ component (for Flash CS3)

  1. It’s looking nice, if you can make it with flash cs3 fla based architecture, it would have been better to edit the look and feel. What do you think?

  2. By editing in the way described in this post, you are actually editing with the FLA based architecture. You are not editing the component directly, rather you are editing the individual elemts of it which come from the FLA based standard V3 components. So it is better to edit the component this way, so you can edit the portion you like and do not need to mess with the other elements (just like u can see in the above image the buttons are edited and not the combos!)

    I hope you will like it this way.

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