OFF-SCORM : Package your SCORM courses for CD or DVD

Very soon I will be uploading the OFF line version of SCORM course player which can be used to package any SCORM based course so that it can be delivered via a CD or DVD with out the developer having to write a sigle line of code and without having to change anything in the target course archive.



Those interested to download it send your email id to samir[at]mobilewish[dot]com


5 thoughts on “OFF-SCORM : Package your SCORM courses for CD or DVD

  1. Hi LBM,

    I have noted down your email. I will send you a copy towards mid of November. Due to some other priorities, this release is delayed for 2 months.


  2. Hi Samir,

    have you finished this project? I’d like to test it if you have.

    Thank you,

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