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Those who had added there replies to my previous post  AS3 based dynamic lip sync: MobileWish LipSyncAS3 soon to be out  will receive a demo file of the lip sync component I am working on. This will allow them to load any mp3 file containing pure speech to see the lip sync in action. Though its not 100% perfect, finetuning it can out put something close to what can be used for online interactive.

If you are interested to get this demo you can still add your names by replying to this post.



You can add podcast links in thetext box to see it worki . Using site feed audio links also works great.

Letting blogs speak for themselves 

Here are some links from :

 So how about a feed reading bot on your site?



20 thoughts on “LipSyncAS3 Demo

  1. Hi,
    I am just curious if it works with german speech files too….Please send me a demo. I will tell you if it works.
    greetings mischa

  2. Hi Samir,

    Thanks, unfortunately I haven’t seen anything appear in my inbox and double checked my spam folder, etc. Did you get any bounce messages? Would you mind trying to send it again?


  3. Hi Rob,
    I have resent the file via email. Please find it in the attachment. I have renamed the file extension of .exe as a .doc it will pass your mail filters. In case of any concern please let me know.


  4. Hi Samir,

    Sorry I kept an eye out but still haven’t seen anything come my way. Didn’t get a chance to follow up on this until this morning – but am still very interested. Can you try sending once again?


  5. Hi Robert,
    This time I am sending a temporary download link instead of attachment. Hope you won’t face any problem this time.

  6. Hi samir…

    it is a fantastic idea, there are what support streaming mp3? Please send me the file to test with the French


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