Should one use a web tool to package his application for mobile, if he is holding an NDA?

I recently came to know about the site which allows you pack your swf applications for different mobile runtimes like sis (with announcements to support in future nfl, jar etc.). It’s a good application, a maginficent web tool that can package your tools effortlessly with in minutes. But even after such good merits , I would not prefer to use it if I am working on any (i) commercial mobile app (ii) any app I am building for any client with whom I have signed an NDA , as this would risk my app to be uploded to a third party domain, which is not accepted in all the above said cases.  So, I seriously doubt if  similar tools which help you in a core development projects, are online, will be much used by industry developers for these cases , unless there is some agreement between the provider of the web tool and themselves …a kind of NDA.

This is perhaps one aspect that should be taken care of when decing to use a web tool (Even the owners of such tool should focus on how to make sure that their tool users intellectual rghts are protected…may be by adding a kind of serious agreement specially mentioning this). Till such things happen, I’d rather use a simple standalone tool on my desktop than risking my project.


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  1. Hi Samir,

    Good and valid questioning. As far as I know/see, no Web 2.0 service offers an NDA. See any online project management tool out there (Basecamp, GoPlan?) , which store much more sensitive data than a compiled file. None of them offer you an NDA and SWFPack is no different than any Web 2.0 product.

    See a recent post I published, would answer more questions.


  2. Hi Samir,

    I think this concern is not valid, since you don’t need to send source files (.fla, .cpp, .h etc), just final files, which goes into final SIS file.

    Any user can unpack and expose your SIS/NFL files anyway, any files, even icons.
    There are free SIS unpackers and NFL is just a zip file basically.

    SwfPack is not really different in security manner than any SIS packer tool.

  3. it is not a question about only, rather this has complex associations with all those web tools which offers developer’s aid in someway or other. with increasing compitative market in web 2.0, may be its high time we all need to rethink on the fundamental aspects of IPR and business in terms of different business models and/or contracts.

    But of course even as one developer may not cast doubt on any specific web tool’s securities, but that does not gurantee the contract terms he may have with the clients and their matter’s sensativeness. Flash Lite’s case is very critical, even if you upload binary, there is no way you can encrypt it for uploading (Note your encrypt tools may save you for desktops and not handsets). So just being binary, they offer no security to your project’s interests.

    Moreover it is not about the technicalities of the tools, rather the legal aspect, we may need to explore , so as to make next genaration web tools more effective in terms of business.


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