SCORM 1.2 Tester: userfriendly tool to test completely Flash based SCORM 1.2 SCO

Testing a complete  Flash based SCORM 1.2  course is not a smooth task. Few years back it was not a problem to do that as I could use ADL’s Test Suit for SCORM 1.2. and  Flash based SCO could communicate with javascript wrapper inside the local file system environment as well as on the production environment over the  network. But now are not the FLash MX age, so we have now clearly defined sandbox that does not allow the SCORM api to communicate to wrapper (via external interface or fscommand) on the local file sytem. So using the old test suit now does not help much in testing the full Flash based SCORM 1.2 SCO, where as it is still a good tool for non Flash based courses.

I have been using a simple wrapper based tool SCORM 1.2 Tester that solves this  problem. Few days back I just convertedit as a small user friendly GUI so that it can be easily made portable and can be used instantly to test the Flash based SCO targetting SCORM 1.2 specification.






Here is the documentation  of the tool:user-guide-scorm-12-tester

I will make the tool available for download shortly.


4 thoughts on “SCORM 1.2 Tester: userfriendly tool to test completely Flash based SCORM 1.2 SCO

  1. You should still be able to test FLASH content using the ADL Test Suite 1.2.7 if you create a text file in the following directory (on XP)
    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#Security\FlashPlayerTrust

    In the text file include “C:\ADL\TestSuite1_2_7”

  2. Hi Brian,
    The simple tool I am talking about is not ever meant to replace ADL’s test suit. Also I am sure that making changes in the Local Trust file of Flash helps us in someway to use it. Even some developer use the test suit over the manually hosted localhost to use the same thing. However the idea of this tool is about “usability” , as it is more user friendly and portable — no installation,no need to make any changes in any settings file specific to any particular system/application. It has everything required to run a server and extract the SCORM zip archive and to read the api communications. Carry it in ur thumbdrive or disc and test any SCORM package instantly, on any where , any time. Just browse the archive, click and get some api communications logged in along with some comments on the meta data file. This is good for specially those who need a quick review of the SCO. That way it helped me a lot in the past …specially while the development of complex flash based GUI for SCORM 1.2 navigation.Any way if you are happy with the existing test suits for SCORM that needs a little manual tweaking of some settings file, I am sure that is the best option.

    I have been using Claude’s wrappers for a long time. His are some of the best wrappers/tools available…may be I will be looking into them for reference to make my little tool compatiable for SCORM 2004 version.


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