Submitted my Entry for FlashLite Developer’s Challenge.

PTA Flash Lite appToday I submitted my latest Flash Lite application “Pocket Travel Assistant” (PTA) to the Flash Lite Developer’s Challenge (

This was one of my dream applications I always wanted to have on my N96. It took more than 6 months for me to develop this during  the “after office hours” in home. Now its working fine on my handset.

 Will share more details, photos, screenshot and videos in the coming posts.


2 thoughts on “Submitted my Entry for FlashLite Developer’s Challenge.

  1. Hi,

    I submitted too some minutes ago.
    It’s very strange you only have to submit picture and video…not the application itself….


    1. Hi William,
      It seems they need the application details in the first round and may be after that they will ask for the application. Anyway I am curious about your application.
      Best !

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