Pocket Travel Assistant : Photos and Details

MobileWish Pocket Travel Assistant (PTA)  is a Freeware for Flash Lite 3x enabled mobiles that offers one stop solution for all the information needs by a traveller. Name any major city/town in the world and PTA will provide every possible information for that place which will be needed by a traveler.

  PTA is basically a clever browser with some IQ, targetting all those available data needed for a traveller. PTA application has two layers. The front-end part is made with Flash Lite and uses all the native Flash Lite features of data sending/loading , images/media assets loading . It passes user inputs to the backend ASP based engine that browses internet for mining relevant data via some custom ASP APIs(for Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg etc. ), RSS /Atom feeds, Open APIs like Flickr, Google, YouTube etc. 

Pocket Travel Assitant

Here are some more details on Pocket Travel Assistant (PTA) Beta version which I have submitted to Flash Lite Developer’s Challenge.


The slideshare link is http://www.slideshare.net/MobileWish/mobilewish-pocket-travel-assistant-the-world-in-your-pocket-25-may-09


SCREENCAST at YouTube (No audio)




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5 thoughts on “Pocket Travel Assistant : Photos and Details

  1. WOW! what’s the final size of PTA (swf) ?!
    Do you support any FL3 phones (WiMo too) ?

    I assume you fight a lot with memory 😉

    congratulations !

    1. Thanks William. Its supported by FL3. Only tested on N96 real device till now. Others are test simulators results.

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