PTA: Feature Summary of the Beta version

Emergency information for local doctor, local emergency no.s, helpline, police, medical facilities and clinics etc.(with street address, phone number and map)

Location information such as (street address, phone number and Google Map) for shops& malls, station& airports, institutions, hotels & restaurants, govt. offices and police, hospitals and banks and many more etc.

3.Wikipedia details for the location such as history, demography, culture, landmarks, which will be useful for the traveller to know more about the place.

4.Flickr image results for the location, so that the user can see current images related to the location.
YouTube video results for the location. So that he can enjoy videos related to that location, to get a more clear idea about the place.

Weather details for the location such as Temperature, Humidity, Air-pressure and the Weather-condition.

Language Translation using Google Translation for English to major languages like Greek, Spanish, Chez, Russian, French etc. so that the traveller can translate the written scripts and have a better understanding of his surroundings

Local News related to the location can be tracked to know more about recent happenings surrounding the location.

Geo-Location Detection from IP address of the GPRS network being used is used so that in case the traveler wants to check the city and the country name of the location he is in.

10. News and Feeds section provides more than 50 categories from international news: from BBC, Reuters, Yahoo, CNN and many more related to headlines, finance, sports, health, science and technology and environment and many more.

Currency Converter tools to allow user to convert money amount in any of the 48 major world currencies with in a few clicks. All currency calculations are done based on most recent currency rates. Currency Rates section lists all the currency values from 48 major currencies.

Search Tools to search for images from Flickr, Videos from YouTube, Information from Wikipedia. (this is a separate section from the location specific results from these services)

13.To pass leisure time traveler can read from classic works from thousand books available at Project Gutenberg under M- book library section. Search books by title or author name or even the latest 10 books from Gutenberg. Directly read the books in PTA and bookmark.

11.If you don’t want to read books, just try games section to get some Flash Lite casual games and play them while on the go to pass time.

12.Under section ‘connect and publish’ user can post to his Twitter account or just read messages from his friends at Twitter. Also there is an innovative way to post about what you are doing. If allowed the PTA can post some messages related to what you are doing while using PTA like reading a book, watching a video at YouTube, local weather details etc. so you do not need to type every time what you are doing.

13.Traveler can chat with any other online user of PTA in the common chat room. This can be helpful in getting help from the person who is in the same country or location.

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