Flash Lite is for serious applications

Flash Lite is for serious customers. Yes, you may ask why do I need to say this. The story goes few months back, when I met a potential customer who wanted to build something big in mobile…but did not believe that Flash Lite has the solution for him. “Its a toy story. no serious application can be built with it” – he said. His is not the only story to tell… there are many more which are not tall stories and all cast doubt about the possible potential of “F” factor.  “Flash is great for mobile screensavers … other than these do u have real life solid example?  even games do not move beyond the silly scoring” is the bottom line of all. Arguments continued, but I knew i don’t have anything solid, so I tried to build one. Today I forwarded a dev copy  of my new app PTA to the same person. And after watching it in action he commented “Now I believe it”. Though the last time he suffered a lot by reliying on other technologies this time he is sure he will give Flash a chance. After all Flash Lite is for serious applications .


5 thoughts on “Flash Lite is for serious applications

  1. Personnaly, I THOUGHT FLite was serious but with the ‘strange’ problems I met while developing VGTrailers and the last posts on Bamadug make me feel FL is good for games only…
    Unless you have a lot of times and money, of course

  2. Sure!
    I will post some stuff on my blog soon, as promised.
    I also plan to release it before the end of the month, for free.
    It’s not as great/big as yours but was fun to make.


  3. Hi Samir,

    Im with you when you said that with Flash Lite you can develop serious applications. In fact, we must develop serious applications, but usually the customers think about Flash Lite like a “toy story”.

    By the way, William, what strange problems do you have?


    1. Very true Raul. The way Flash Lite has been projected has given impression that its good stuff for games, screensavers… or at least one who is a non-tech representative for client side, takes it as such. Hope things will change with changing times.

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