FlashLite Developer’s Challenge: One may disagree to my thoughts

I downloaded the videos and images of some competing nominated entries in FlashLite Developer’s Challenge — specially the travel applications and was surprised to find that some entries have videos like the trailers rather than actual device application in action in videos. I personally do not find it acceptable for a leading competition’s judges to select entries by looking at the video and screenshots that are not convincing at all. You go there get some screenshot of application (never know…may be photoshop skill is better than flashlite)  and see a video made out of some similar static screenshots …and you select it as a nominee!!! The whole world may differ at this point but personally I don’t find it encouraging for any developer.

The competition never asks for real apps as entry. You can just enter some images, a video and a PPT. (In most of the cases a reliable PPT is missing for the voters to go through to know more about applications’s feature before casting their vote !) . I am sure it was not a contest for mockups.

This is like Pope’s Dunciad.

P.S. The above is my personal view. You have every right to disagree.


3 thoughts on “FlashLite Developer’s Challenge: One may disagree to my thoughts

  1. We had this discussion on BaMadug
    Some of us didn’t understand this when submitting our entries but it’s in the T&C…
    Anyway, it’s the way it is, I was happy to develop my entry and I’ll try to release it myself

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