Have mercy on White Things


‘Have mercy on White Things’ is a poem on violence and killing…how man has lost his heart in the hollow way of living. Though I had written this poem few years back, still it’s  Eliotian perception applys to today’s Iraq and Afghanistan war zones. (The image at the right  is a digital montage I made few weeks ago )


have mercy on white things (poem)


Poem in text format given below :




Autumn leaves floating

on the voiced wind

spreading over the grey canvas.


 A naked tree

like a skeleton standing on the middle

with a texture of dark

and its last crumpled leaf

— lonely !


Dark is not all — there is ‘white’

a dying swan upon the dry earth

waiting for the last blow

from the metal barrel

like thousand others,

who left their body, to serve the barrel headed

who move over the cracked land

to quench their thirst, with blood.


More white spots flew to the East

more of life, has entered the torture land

to fall upon the stone claws that

shove out from the desert bottom. . .


But life never stops

and the birds never stop,

in this hollow land

nothing ever stops !


Have mercy on White Things (c)  2007, Samir K. Dash

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