Reusing Screencasts in Mobile Learning: MobiCast Player demo on N96

For long I have been thinking on one of the major issues in M-Learning that prevents the real use of M-Learning in software trainings. If you have ever bumped on my old posts (  and  ) , you can see that this issue of M-Learning in this training domian as its one of the biggest limitations, after all, if we see the scenario of elearning (WBT/CBT/SCORM based etc.) aprt from soft skill training majority (approx 90%) falls in this area of software training and screencasts.
Few months back I had completed a paper proposaing a solution using a very common concept and have created a half born tool kit using Adobe Flash and Flash Lite that is a prrof of concept on this. I call this MobiCast Tool Kit . This helps in re-using web/desktop based screencasts on mobile handset.

Here is a demo on YouTube of the first shot in action on my Nokia N96:

MobiCast Player demo on N96 
MobiCast Player demo on N96

I will post my theory and additional details soon.

Note: In this demo the voice over is actually is a part of the screencast being played on the MobiCast Player , and not the description of the MobiCast Player itself.

The copyright of the screencast being played is with Adobe Inc. The screencast is a part of Photoshop CS3 demo video. The parts of the screencast shown here is for information purpose only.


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