SCORM 1.2 Tester Tool Demo

Here is a link to a video demo of  SCORM 1.2 Tester tool. This is a standalone tool that allows to run a quick test on any SCORM 1.2 course with Flash based SCO.

Link to Video :

SCORM 1.2 Tester Demo 

SCORM 1.2 Tester Demo

As SCORM SCO in Flash must be running in a network  mode in order to allow its external interface calls (Flash methods) to communicate with the wrapper java script, this tool has a mini server embedded in it that allows to browse the content over HTTP and thereby allows to test the SCORM Flash content. It helps the developer locally test the Flash based SCORM content that is not so easy with ADL 1.2 test suit.

This tool was developed in 2008 to perform quick tests in a flash based elearning project so as to quicken the elearning development process, where quick debugging is needed. The tool it self was developed using Flash 8 , Action Script 2 and thirdparty projector to embed the browser component. In addition it contains a mini server and scorm test wrapper.

The current demo shows a testing of a sample SCORM package from In the demo the navigation is forced after LMSFinish is called, to generate some errors so that it can be seen in the error window.