Fathomless (I) – Closing Chapter


 Fathomless : I - Closing Chapter 



I.  Closing Chapter

In the darkest of alleys

at the misty hour

an old man begging for life

in the age old remaining

of the Shiva temple.

Years before the alley was not

the morgue of dry leaves

who mutter when

you walk upon them

to warn you

against the life’s truth

man is but a ‘handful of dust’ !

With the rise of the hour-hand

and the ringing of the far away bell

the sprits rise

with their unquenched stories to be

re-opened and retold …


Fathomless (c)  2004, Samir K. Dash

All Rights Reserved. No part of the above poem(s) can be published any where in any form (electronic or non-electronic ), with out the written permission of author. However you can direct yours links to this page in your websites.



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